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  June 13, 2021 

Why I Host With HostGator


I started building and running websites in about 1997 for my professional organisation and from 2006 I began to make money with them.  I’ve tried a number of different hosting companies, including the infamous Compuserve ...  A couple of hosters lost my sites - one was a large site with much data which I had to painfully rebuild from old backups (they had lost my recent backups) and information I asked from site subscribers!  So I am really happy that I finally arrived at HostGator, the largest web hosting provider in the world.

Over the years I have tried various hosting companies and in 2005 one small hosting company (which has now gone out of business) stole a domain name from me!  So I have been through my fair share of bad hosting companies but thankfully found and started using HostGator.  Overall it has been quite a journey, with an improvement every time I changed web hosting companies.

Why HostGator?

The most important reason why I switched to HostGator is their fast and reliable support.  The last web hosting company I used had only un-managed servers and so I had to separately pay for a company to maintain and support my servers, upgrade the operating system and update the applications I was running to keep ahead of virus attacks.  HostGator on the other hand offers free on-line chat and e-mail support to all of their customers which fixes most problems quickly and reliably.

How Long Have I Been With HostGator?

I’ve been using HostGator shared hosting for nearly four years now for all my sites.  Some people like to move their busier web sites to a HostGator Dedicated Server.  But so far I have not had any speed problems or other performance issues with my HostGator Shared Hosting account.  HostGator's cpanel hosting management console is the industry standard and works well for me; I particularly regularly check the disk and bandwidth usage as well as any errors caused by bad links on my sites.  This way I can easily get the best out of the HostGator Hosting!

The One Thing You Need To Start Making Money Online:

Even if you don't promote your own software products and services on the internet you will need your own domain name and web site hosting.  If you want your blog or site to get found on Google, you should not use the services such as blogspot or wordpress.  So apart from domain names the other other thing you need to buy is web site hosting.  It is amazing how many people explore the creation of apps or programs in the hope of making large amounts of money, but baulk at spending $10 per month for web hosting.

If you want to put you Internet Marketing Business plans into action, you need to take action to build a solid business foundation now and get web hosting.  And as a paying HostGator customer I highly recommend you get hosting from HostGator: Click Here For The HostGator Discount Link

You can easily get started with Web Hosting for less than $5 a month and there really is really no reason not to get started today.  So don’t be lazy and get started building your own online business and get some web hosting today!

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